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On Racket Support in Emacs Org-Mode

Earlier I blogged about Epresent, which is basically a piece of code for making Org-Mode suitable for preparing presentation slides. There are times when I can’t resist mentioning the innovative Racket programming language in a presentation. In those situations I tend to want to have syntax-highlighted Scheme code on my slides, and also to evaluate the code snippets and insert the results next to the code listing. This is apparently the sort of thing one can do with Org-Mode Babel, for a variety of languages.


Written on Thursday, 8 September 2011, 20:35:15 UTC.
Tagged as Emacs, Epresent, Org, presentations, Racket, Scheme, software.

Presenting with Emacs

Text rendering in Emacs has been looking mighty good since 23.1, and this opens up possibilities to do even more in Emacs. For example, I recently came across something called epresent.el on GitHub, by Eric Schulte et al. The epresent.el Emacs Lisp file leverages Org-Mode to implement a simple presentation mode for Emacs. Using Org-Mode is, at least for me, faster than struggling with something like Impress.


Written on Wednesday, 23 February 2011, 18:18:37 UTC.
Tagged as Emacs, Epresent, Org, presentations, software.